Interest rate forecasting is not something we can do and with relatively low rates and inflation, the holding of cash does pose some questions. There is always a good reason for holding equities and bonds using traditional asset management practice.

Tanassco has an aim to establish a forum whereby tangible assets are the investment focus and the speakers at our conferences and seminars are experts in their field.

There is a huge diversity of assets that make up this class and Tanassco will try to explore themes.

Some tangible assets can be classified into these areas:

  • Affordable art.

  • Classic cars and associated ephemera.

  • Stamps and coins.

  • Autographs and photography.

  • Timepieces.

  • Diamonds and estate jewellery.

  • Wines and spirits.

  • Manuscripts and documents.

  • Historic aircraft, yachts and motorcycles.